#EssentialRecipe => Rosemary Garlic Hash

Weekend brunch is a one of our favorite meals of the week. Try this simple recipe for a hearty brunch celebration.


-4 large potatoes (we like Yukon Gold) or what ever is local.

-2 cloves garlic

-1 shallot

-Fresh sprig rosemary



-Salt & pepper



Cut potatoes into large chunks and boil until half cooked, then drain and cut again.

Heat a cast iron pan with a little avocado oil and butter, when hot, add the potatoes.

After the first turn add sliced shallot and garlic.

Finish with seasoning and fresh rosemary.


Serve with Chorizo and Eggs:

In a separate cast iron pan fry the chorizo on med heat, about 5 min per side.

I like to remove the chorizo and toss my seasoned potatoes in the chorizo fat before serving.

Take this two the next level by tipping with a couple of poached eggs and toast triangles.

Mix a generous amount of any JHE hot sauce with a generous amount of JHE ketchup to create something really special. Have fun with these flavors! My current go to is the Pineapple Hot Sauce and Original Ketchup.


Voila! Rosemary garlic hash with Chorizo and eggs.


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