There is so much information to tell you about our condiments!

The most important information to retain, is that they are clean! We only use a few simple and real ingredients and we do constant research on what's good and what's bad (it changes all the time!) so you don't have to. 

All you need to know is that by consuming our brand, you are feeding yourself and your family real and healthy foods. 

If you feel like reading more, here's a bunch of info:


Most importantly, ALL of of products are free of:



colouring = colour will change over time

added salt

"natural flavour" (in case you don't know, nothing is natural about natural flavours...)

binders = yes you will have to shake our products



~Our ketchups are made with fresh tomatoes. You may not have heard, but canned tomatoes have been linked to cancer. So we say, why take a chance!

~There's also half the amount of sugar than most brands out there. Guess what, when you use fresh tomatoes, you don't need as much sugar to make your ketchup sweet. What a win win!

~No salt added. 


BBQ Sauces:

~ Perhaps the only BBQ sauce in Canada made of clean liquid smoke. It's a strange thing, but we couldn't find a single clean liquid smoke in Canada. Only made in lab versions So we had to have ours custom made in Dallas by a third generation of smokers

~In the Pineapple version, we use real pineapples 

~In the Craft Beer version, we had our worth locally made here in Vancouver by Bicycle Brewery. Not only we know what's in it it also couldn't be much more local!

~Fresh Tomatoes. The base of our BBQ sauce is our ketchup and you read above why fresh tomatoes is better and that it means less sugar added.


Hot Sauces:

This is a gorgeous ingredient list! Just five ingredients!! and we even sweeten with green grapes! It doesn't get any better. oh wait it does... we don't add any water. Which means your hot sauce will be good pretty much forever although we are not allowed to say that. 


Glass Bottles

We use glass to bottle the majority of our products because nothing makes me shiver more than companies branding themselves as healthy for you, but they bottle in plastic that leaks chemicals on your food! Mine as well just eat junk!

And don't be fooled by the plastic that says BPA free, so far, the replacements have texted even worse than BPA...