Ketchup Trio (Approximately $19.00 USD)

Ketchup Trio (Approximately $19.00 USD)

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1 Original Ketchup

It's all about tomatoes! We've sourced the very best fresh tomatoes the west coast has to offer. Our Ketchup has a beautifully balanced flavor and is made without preservatives or additives. Pour it on and feel good about what you're eating!

1 Goji Berry Ketchup

Goji Berries are a superfood packed with antioxidants and energy boosting qualities, and we're lucky to have Canada's only grower right here in our own backyard! Our Goji Berry Tomato Ketchup has a unique and tangy flavor with the added bonus of amazing health benefits. 

1 Beet Ketchup

We love beets! They are naturally sweet and packed with 'out of the garden' goodness. You'll find yourself craving this amazingly rich Beet and Tomato Ketchup with it's beautiful color and earthy flavor.