#EssentialRecipe => Coconut Yogurt

Turns out making your own coconut yogurt at home couldn't be simpler! We have made 3 batches so far and here is how we arrived at the tastiest and richest version. So thick, it had a similar texture to greek yoghurt. 



1 Can of coconut cream

2 Probiotic capsules of 50 billion each



Shake your coconut cream can very well and empty in a glass or ceramic container.

Empty the probiotic capsules on top and mix with a wooden spoon. You will have to push and squeeze the powder on the side of your bowl. 

You could also put everything in a blender on low to avoid all clumps.

Cover with a cotton cloth and let sit for about 24 to 48 hours. I mix mine every 12 hours, but it's ok if you forget.


Voila! Homemade coconut yogurt.

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