#EssentialRecipe => Rosemary Dill Garlic Potatoes

This seems like the most simple thing in the world to me, but people keep asking for my potato side recipe, including my mother! I serve these along side of a lot of my home cooked meals. Amazing in between bites of slow cooked ribs or Chicken Popsicles. Simple, delicious and essential!


-4 or 5 Yukon potatoes, new potatoes or red potatoes. (Only use russet if it's your last option)


-Spring onion and/or shallots

-Fresh rosemary


-Plain yogurt (3.5 fat is best)

-Sea salt

-Fresh cracked pepper



Put a large pot of salted water on high and get it boiling.
Wash and cut your potatoes into 1 inch chunks. Leave the skin on.
When the water is boiling, plop in your cut potatoes. You want them cooked, but firm, so keep checking after they cook for 7 min or so.

While they cook, finely chop a couple of cloves or garlic and dice your shallot.

Take the spuds off about 2 min before they are soft and strain into a colander.
In the same hot pot, melt a few tablespoons of butter.

Add your garlic and onions to the butter and immediately stir a few times. Heat should be so low here it's almost off. Run your fingers down half a sprig of rosemary and release the leaves into the butter as well. (Give them a once over with your chef knife if you want to release more flavor).

Now dump your stained potatoes back on top of this. Add a pinch of salt and crack some pepper into the pot. Give this whole mixture a few good stirs.
This should smell like heaven at this point.

Add a few table spoons of yogurt and stir one last time.

This is now ready to serve.

The great thing about potatoes is they hold their heat. You can leave these covered with the burner off while you plate your dish and they will still be piping hot up to 20 min later. The most simple recipes are often the best. 


Voila! Rosemary Dill Garlic Potatoes.

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