#EssentialRecipe => Chocolate Milk

Jake came back from school the other day and requested to try some chocolate milk! Because I don't like feeding her processed sugar, I decided to try and make some myself. Turns out it couldn't be simpler.

And she absolutely loved it! This version is not sweet like what you find in stores so feel free to change for sweeter chocolate if you prefer.


-Almond milk (recipe here if you haven't try making it yourself yet)

-70% dark chocolate chopped in smallish pieces (make sure you buy a non dairy version if vegan)



The ratio I used, is 1/8 cup of chocolate per 1 cup of milk. 

Melt the chocolate on the stove top over medium low whisking frequently.

Once entirely melted, start pouring a bit of the milk while mixing constantly until completely dissolved. Slowly add the rest of the rest of the milk. 


Voila! Chocolate milk.

Adjust to your personal chocolaty preference by adding less or more milk.

Keep in the fridge for about 5 days.

Mix before  serving.

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