#EssentialRecipe => Pickled Red Onions

We often use pickled red onions in our recipes especially our #HetheringtonToastParty. It's so easy and inexpensive to make compare to buying them. Most recipes usually call for sugar, but we prefer them without.



-1 to 1.5 cup of red onion

-1 medium clove of garlic

-1 cup of white vinegar

-1 Tbsp of sea salt

-1/2 tsp of black peppercorns 

-1 Tbsp of Hot Sauce (more or less depending on your personal taste)



Slice the red onion thinly and peel the garlic clove and add to your lidded glass jar. 

In a small pan, add the sea salt and peppercorns. Pour the vinegar on top while mixing to dissolve all the salt. Add the Hot Sauce then bring to a boil with a lid on top.

Once boiled, pour the mixture on top of your onion and garlic in the glass jar. Make sure all the onion is covered with your liquid. You may need to press down on it. Let cool then store in the fridge or use right away. You can keep in the fridge for about 3 weeks.  


Voila! Spicy pickled red onions.

*You could also make a non spicy version by removing the Hot Sauce. 

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