#EssentialRecipe => Mushrooms and Sea Asparagus Pasta

Granville Island is the perfect spot to source fresh ingredients for a delicious meal. We stopped by Seafood City to see Brian for some sea Asparagus and we picked up fresh spaghetti we watch being made at Zara's Italian Deli, and finally some cheese at Oyama, along with fresh mushrooms and herbs from one of the many produce markets.


-1 Cup sea asparagus

-2 Portions fresh pasta

-1 Cup assorted mushrooms. Chanterelle, Cremini, Oyster, Enoki, Honshimeji, Maitake, etc

-1/2 Cup olives

-2 Tbsp Olive Oil

-1 Tbsp of butter

-1 Clove garlic

-1 Shallot

-Fresh basil

-OriginalHabanero Hot Sauce

-Sea salt and pepper to taste

-Grand padano

-Kalamata olives


Boil water for your pasta. If you are using fresh pasta, they will be al dente really quickly.

Meanwhile, in a cast iron pan, sauté mushrooms, chopped garlic and shallot with a little butter.

When pasta is al dente, strain and toss with the mushroom mix, olive oil, sea asparagus and mushrooms.

Add fresh basil and grated grana padano.

Serve with kalamata olives and salt and pepper to taste. Add some heat and flavour with Original Habanero Hot Sauce.

Be careful not to over salt. The sea Asparagus is packed with natural sea salt.


Voila! Mushrooms and sea asparagus pasta.

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