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#EssentialRecipe => Garden Burgers

These garden burgers are delicious and the colors are absolutely gorgeous! We serve them with no junk chips and our Original Ketchup. This meal looks like a Spring Day in the garden! 

Sauce Ingredients:

1/3 Cup Cashew Cream

-1 tsp Jonny Hetherington Essentials Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce (adjust to your spiciness preferences)


-1/4 cup plain yogurt

-1/8 cup mayo 


Patty Ingredients:

-1/2 cup broccoli 

-1/2 cup cauliflower 

-1.5 cups chick peas 

-1 shallot 

-2 Tbsp onion

-1 clove garlic

-1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds 

-1/2 cup bread crumbs 

-1 vegan egg or 1 regular egg yolk

-2 Tbsp nutritional yeast 

-Corn on the cob 

-Sea salt and black pepper to taste


Other Ingredients:

-1 Purple cabbage

-Arugula or lettuce

-Burger buns


Sauce Method:

Mix all the ingredients together.


Patty Method:

Blend all vegetables in food processor.

Mix with the egg and bread crumbs adding until the desired texture is reached. 

Salt and pepper to taste. 

Form into patties. Cook in a touch of avocado oil in a cast iron pan. 

Add a bit of sauce on all your bun bottoms.

Add the patty, the purple cabbage and arugula.

Pour a large portion of the sauce on top.

Add your top bun.


Voila! Homemade garden burgers.

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