#EssentialRecipe => Garden Ramen

As the days get warmer this might be one of your last opportunities to truly enjoy a comforting bowl of hot steamy ramen. Check out our simple garden ramen recipe and pull it out on a chilly spring evening. We have the most amazing little bone broth bar near our place where they are constantly cooking beautiful flavors like Veal, Duck and Beef. Check out Home on the Range Organics and stop in for a cup of goodness if you find yourself in EastVan. 


-Bone broth

-Ramen noodles 

-Green veggies (kale, bok choy) 



-Fresh ginger



-Soy sauce

-Worcestershire sauce 

-Chicken soup base

-Corn on the cob

-Sea salt and black pepper 


Julienne a potato and a few carrots and combine with the bone broth in a soup pot on med heat.

Peel and thinly slice a small piece of ginger root.

Clean and slice a large leek.

Add the leeks and ginger into the broth.

Salt, pepper and add chicken soup base to taste, then finish with a dash of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce.

In separate pot boil a litre of water. Add 2 eggs in the shell and set a timer for 5 min.
Peel under lukewarm running water and set aside on paper towel.

While your eggs are boiling add your Kale and ramen noodles to the soup. (making your own noodles is ambitious, if you don’t have the time, grab your favourite ramen noodles in a dry pack)

Use tongs to serve your noodles in a bowl and a ladle to add the perfect amount of veggies and broth.

Garnish the top with raw corn cut fresh off the cob, bok choy hearts and at the last possible second split your soft boiled egg in half an place on the top. Serve with Peach Habanero Hot Sauce.

Voila! Garden ramen.

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