#EssentialRecipe => Bangers and Mash

It wouldn’t be St Patricks’s Day without celebrating with some pub grub, in our case traditional Bangers and Mash. Bangers got their name from the high percentage of water used to pack sausages during food shortages in WW1. They would ‘pop’ when heated, hence; bangers.


-Pork or beef sausages





-Plain yoghurt

-Sea salt and black pepper to taste

-Green Peas


Gravy Ingredients:

-Beef broth

-Red wine





Your favourite pork or beef sausages are what you need for this dish, so start at your local charcuterie or meat counter.

Brown the bangers in a cast iron pan, and keep the juices.

Peel a few potatoes, cube and boil until soft.

Add finely minced garlic, shallots, butter, yogurt, salt and pepper to taste and whip.

Peas are a perfect green addition to this meal, so boil some water and cook a cup or so.

When your bangers are ready, set aside and make a gravy with the fats. Add a little beef broth, red wine and water, then thicken with a paste made of cold water and flour. Bring the gravy to a boil and then simmer on low heat. Season to taste. (I like a little Worcestershire sauce).

To serve, make a mountain of mash, surround with gravy, top with bangers and sprinkle with peas. The Jonny Hetherington Essentials Beet Hot Sauce takes it to a new level of earthy and spicy.

Voila! St Paddy’s bangers and mash.

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