#EssentialRecipe => Lemon Thyme Chicken Breast

This is hands down my favorite way to serve a chicken breast for sharing at a party or enjoying on my own.

Cover a chicken breast with plastic wrap and smash with the bottom of a cast iron pan until the fatest part of the breast is the same thickness as the thinest part.

This will help you cook the entire breast evenly.

Season with sea salt and cracked pepper.

Heat a cast iron pan to medium, add a little avocado oil and place the chicken in the pan. You should hear a beautiful sizzle.

Flip once after about 3.5 minutes. Give the second side about the same amount of time, remove from the pan and cover on a plate under foil.

Let the breast rest for 5 min.

Slice the breast against the grain of the meat in nice one inch pieces.

Top with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon zest, fresh thyme, sea salt and cracked pepper.

The Jonny Hetherington Essentials Beat Hot Sauce goes well with this, but tread lightly to preserve the subtle flavours in this dish.


Voila! Essential lemon thyme chicken.

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