Sauces and Dressings

#EssentialRecipe => Classic Béchamel

This year, I decided to finally master the 5 French Mother Sauces. Being French Canadian myself, means I at least know how to make the famous Béchamel. My mom made it all my life, but she didn't like the nutmeg and never added it. I myself love just a little hint of it. 

Béchamel is extremely simple to make and requires only five ingredients, but it does require patience. As soon as you try speeding up is when you will run into clumps. So take your time. With practice, you will learn how thick or thin to...

#EssentialRecipe => Simple Balsamic Dressing on Avocados

Dressing Ingredients:

-1/2 cup olive oil

-1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

-1 Tbsp Peach Hot Sauce (adjust the spiciness to your personal preferences)

-1 tsp honey

-1/8 tsp sea salt


Salad Ingredients:

-6 avocados

-Black sesame seeds


Mix all the salad dressing ingredients together. A used Jonny Hetherington Essentials bottle is perfect. Pour on top of your sliced avocados and sprinkle with the black sesame seeds.

Voila! Spicy balsamic dressing on avocados. 

#ESSENTIALRECIPE => Spicy Sushi Sauce

Living in Vancouver, there is simply no good reason to make our own sushi, but we do like to make our own spicy sauces to go along with it. Here's two versions. Adjust the spiciness to your personal preferences.

Spicy Sushi Sauce 1 Ingredients:

-1/4 cup mayonnaise

-1/4 cup Jonny Hetherington Essentials Beet Ketchup

-1 Tbsp lime juice

-1 tsp Jonny Hetherington Essentials Beet Hot Sauce


Spicy Sushi Sauce 2 Ingredients:

-1/8 cup mayonnaise

-1/8 cup plain yogurt

#EssentialRecipe => Beet Ketchup Salad Dressing

We love salad and we also love making our own salad dressings. Naturally, we decided to incorporate our Ketchup and, it's delicious!



-1/2 cup of Jonny Hetherington Essentials Beet Ketchup

-1/8 cup of olive oil

-1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar

-1/2 a fresh lime juice

-1 Tbsp honey

-1 Tbsp soy sauce



Whisk all the ingredients into a bowl or pour all the ingredients into one of our Jonny Hetherington Essentials empty bottle and shake very well.

Enough for a large family size salad. Divide in two for a smaller...

#EssentialRecipe => Jonny's Spicy Summer BBQ Sauce

Jonny's Spicy Summer BBQ Sauce. So quick, so flavourful! Get Qing!


-3 Tbsp Pineapple Hot Sauce

-1/2 cup of Original Ketchup

-1 tsp dijon

-Splash of worcestershire sauce

-Sprinkle of smoked paprika

-Sea salt and black pepper

-Squeeze of a lemon wedge


Combine ingredients in a bowl. For an extra hot version add more Pineapple Habanero Sauce.

This is my summer BBQ sauce that's perfect with chicken, beef, kabobs, or in this case baby back ribs from Windsor Quality Meats.

Use as a marinade, cook with the sauce...