#EssentialRecipe => Easiest Salad Dressing


If there is one thing you should be making from scratch at home, it's salad dressings. They are so simple to prepare and usually, you will have most of the ingredients on hand! To this day, there are still so many awful ingredients hidden in store bought salad dressings. Even the "healthy" ones tend to be loaded with sugar and sodium. 

This recipe is a "go to" in our family. It's so simple. Jake started making her own version when she was 3 (she adds lemon juice in her version). You can tell right away that it is fresh and all of the ingredients are healthy.

Perfect for salads and bowls. 



-2 tablespoons plain yogurt dairy or vegan

-1/2 teaspoon hot sauce, we use our peach hot sauce the most

-1/2 teaspoon maple syrup (gotta be from Quebec) 

-pinch of salt

-sprinkle of your favorite chopped fresh herb (basil is delightful)

-1/2 cup coconut black vinegar (we use Bukobaba)

-1 cup olive oil (as grassy as possible)




Add all the ingredients into a bowl except the vinegar and the olive oil. Slowly pour the vinegar in while whisking constantly. Then slowly pour the olive oil while continuing to whisk. That's it!

Adjust salt and hot sauce to your personal preference. (and lemon juice if you're like Jake) 


*This dressing stays good for quite some time in the fridge so make a large batch and keep some on hand for quick meals. 

**Served with burrata, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil.

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