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#EssentialCocktail => Pulled Halibut Cheek Slider Spicy Caesar

This just might be the best Spicy Caesar recipe ever, and after drinking a few we know it is! (for you Americans, a Caesar is a Canadian cocktail much like a Bloody Mary but made with clam infused tomato juice). They are amazing, and to quote Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, "the cornerstone to any nutritious breakfast”.

Caesar Ingredients:


-Walter craft caesar mix



-Worcestershire sauce

-Peach Habanero Sauce

-Himalayan salt

-Black pepper


Slider Ingredients:

-Halibut cheeks from Seafood City


-Brioche slider bun


-Sea salt

-Black pepper



Cocktail Method:

Pour two ounces of vodka and two ounces of Walter into a shaker. Add a tsp of horseradish and half a teaspoon of Jonny Hetherington Essentials Peach Hot Sauce. Add a squirt of fresh lime and a drip of worcestershire sauce, shake with ice and pour over cubes in a full rocks glass.

Slider Method:

Melt a little butter in cast iron pan .Add the cheeks that you have just seasoned with salt and peeper. Cook for 2 min, flip and let brown for 2 more min.Remove from pan and gently flake the cheeks apart. Toss a few capers and a squeeze of lemon juice in and server on a toasted slider bun smothered in your favorite mayo.

Voila! Pulled halibut cheek slider spicy caesar.

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