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#EssentialCocktail => Classic Martini

A staple cocktail in our household is the classic martini. I like mine with gin and extra dry. Most often than not, I will skip vermouth all together. Jonny prefers his a bit more wet and dirty. But we both agree they must be shaken until they become as cold as possible. The garnish, is where I like to switch things up. I usually use whatever we have around and simply try to make the cocktails visually entertaining. 


-3 Ounces gin (Bombay is my favorite. It smells absolutely delicious)

-2 Drops dry vermouth for the extra dry version or 1/2 ounce for a wetter one

-3 Green olives for classic garnish or strawberry slices and sprig of thyme like the photo.

-Fresh ice



In a shaker, add a few cubes of ice.

Add the gin and vermouth.

Vigorously shake for about 15 seconds.

Strain into a martini glass.

Garnish and serve


Voila! Classic martini.

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