#EssentialCockail => Rhubarb Infused Gin and Tonic

I find it absolutely essential for a cocktail to be beautiful. And this one is absolutely gorgeous on top of being delicious.


-1 rhubarb stalk. As red as possible.

-3 ounces of gin per cocktail

-Tonic. The best you can find.

-Sprig of Thyme



Chop your rhubarb in small pieces and add to a glass container with lid.

Pour the gin on top and keep in the dark for 24 to 48 hours until the mixture has become bright red. I would recommend infusing only for the amount of cocktails you are planning to make.

The day of, add ice to a tumbler, 3 ounces of gin, top up with the tonic, mix with a spoon and decorate with a sprig of thyme that you have gently rubbed between your fingers.

Garnish with thin rhubarb and fig slices.


Voila! Rhubarb infused gin and tonic.

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