#EssentialRecipe => Almond Milk

One of the easiest switch in our plant based journey has been almond milk. I think the three of us like it even better than cow milk. The issue, is that store bought brands have additives and apparently less than 10% of actual almonds! So I would recommend you make it yourself. It's simple and you can make only what you need instead of having to buy a big carton.

Make sure you soak your almonds in filtered water for about 24 hours. It will make a significant difference.


-1/2 cup soaked overnight raw almonds drained

-1.5 cup filtered water



Place all the ingredients in a high power blender.

Blend on high for 45 seconds to a minute.

Filter through a filtration bag.


Voila! Almond water.

*Don't throw away the pulp paste. Learn how to make your own almond flour here

**You can double or triple the recipe.

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