The List

Becoming plant based, I noticed quite early on that some dairy or meat replacements are so delicious that I would even serve them to my omnivore friends, but on the flip side, the products that aren't good are SO bad, they go straight into the garbage... I wish I had access to a master list out there to help me decide where to spend and not spend my money. 

So here is my list so far. I will constantly keep it updated. It is not sponsored by anyone and truly reflects my personal taste. 

Of course, we won't all agree on each of these, but hopefully if you are a new vegan it will help you avoid some seriously disappointing moments and keep you on a truly tasty path. 


 Dairy Replacement

Spend Your Money On

Blue Heron Bocconcini

Blue Heron Herb and Garlic Cumulus

Ravenwood Tomato Basil

Stokes Cheese Herbed Feta

Violife Smoked Provolone Slices

Don't Spend Your Money On

Earth Island Cheddar

Gusta Swiss Cheese Block 





Meat Replacement:

Spend Your Money On

Plant Base Bologna

Plant Base Wack Forest Ham

Don't Spend Your Money On

Gusta Italian Sausages



If you have any favorite you think are missing from this list, please email me.

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